About Us  

CLD was established in October 2003. The company's remit was to make the significant number of ex-City solicitors looking for flexible working solutions available to law firms that required such expertise on an unpredictable and ad hoc basis. CLD is the only company in the United Kingdom to offer such a service and it is often likened to a solicitors' chambers.

A central office, based in Mayfair, London, handles all the administrative aspects of the company, whilst a dedicated team of ex-City solicitors work from their own home offices or the offices of the host law firm. At the current time our solicitors are mainly based in London and the South of England.

Some background information on CLD's management is set out below.

Charles Stringer
James Knight


James Knight-Managing Director
James qualified as a solicitor in 1992 with City firm, Trowers and Hamlins. He subsequently relocated to Hong Kong where he spent the next six years in private practice working as a commercial lawyer. In 1998, James returned to London where he worked as a consultant lawyer primarily for the BBC and a major entertainment content provider.

Charles Stringer-Marketing Director
Charles was previously Head of Sales at BBC Technology. Prior to that he was responsible for launching BBC Resources consultancy operation. Charles has an MBA and a wealth of business development and marketing experience across the whole marketing mix in both professional services and technology. He has been working with CLD as Director of Marketing and Commercial Operations since 2003.