The way we work  

We are here to make life simple for our clients and to provide fast solutions to tricky challenges. This means arranging the right level of legal support as soon as reasonably possible.

When you call us to discuss your current or potential requirement your call will be handled by one of our Client Managers, all of whom are qualified solicitors. Our Client Managers are trained to assess your needs and propose viable and realistic solutions.

We will then email you a detailed Profile of one or more Consultant Lawyer(s) with expertise to match your criteria.

We will also provide hourly, daily or weekly charge-out rates for each Consultant Lawyer. If required fixed prices for a set piece of work are also available.

If you would like an initial telephone discussion and/or an initial meeting with any one of our Consultant Lawyers, we will gladly facilitate the arrangements. Our Consultant Lawyers can work from your office or their own home office or a combination of the two.

We invoice on a monthly basis, at the end of a particular piece of work or at any other appropriate juncture. Invoices are calculated only by reference to the Consultant Lawyer's charge out rate and time elapsed. Clients do not pay any commission or surcharge to us.