Why use CLD?  

New instructions are too valuable to turn away, but the repercussions of handling them incorrectly are just too serious.

If you lack the resources to complete client instructions in an efficient and timely manner, then you need to take decisive action. Whether you are a small firm that needs an M&A specialist to lead a transaction or you are a larger firm without expertise in a specific niche area, such as taxation, then CLD will be able to help by assigning you a real expert in that particular field. What is more, we will be able to help quickly.

CLD can help your firm meet client needs more easily and cost-effectively by enabling you to offer a wider-ranging service. You no longer need to decline profitable instructions just because your firm lacks the expertise required. Your Consultant Lawyer can be presented to the client as either a member of your staff or an independent consultant - whichever you prefer. And when every single hour can be billed directly to the client at a profit, taking decisive action need not be too difficult a decision.

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